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Need some answers? Hopefully these frequently asked questions can help you out.  


How are your gas logs made?

They are handmade start to finish. All our gas logs are hand casted with ceramic refractory. Ceramic refractory is a material that maintains is strength in high temperatures. While they are being casted a steel rod is placed down the center of each log making them extremely durable steel reinforced. Finally they are all individually hand painted by artisans using special high temperature resistant paint and secret techniques. This process has been refined many times over the years until it was perfected to produce the perfect gas logs. 

What size gas log set is right for me? 

1. Measure Your Fire Place Box
Use a tape measure.  Your fireplace box should be at least 18” deep or more, as the grates have a depth of 
12”.  Many fireplace boxes are wider in the front and narrower in the back. Measure the width at both 
the front and the back and save these numbers.  The height of your fireplace box should be atleast 
20” for all sets.

2. Determine Your Fireplace Width

Add the front width and back width together and divide by two, this will give you your middle width.  Use this number to selects a proper log set.

3. Choose The Right Size For You

Select one of our log sets. Follow the minimum width chart below. For example: if your fireplace width is 20”,
then it can fit a 15” set, but not an 18” set, because the cart states the 18” set requires a 22” minimum firepit box.This is because the total width of an 18” set is 18” and you will need an additional 2” of additional room 
on each side of the set. 


What is the difference between a complete gas log set and logs only?

In a complete gas log set you receive the gas logs, plus a hearth kit. If you are using an existing hearth kit (grate, pan, burner, sand, embers, connectors, etc.), be sure to check the “logs only” box so you don’t pay for the complete kit. 

Are your gas log sets vented or vent free?

All our gas log sets are vented only. “Vent free” means that you do not have proper ventilation / chimney system to support a large fire.  If your living space requires a vent free gas log set, then our sets are not for you. Vent free sets are available elsewhere and are equipped with very small flames that will consume less oxygen from your vent-free living space. 

How do I install my log set? 

Please watch the following video which demonstartes how to install Epic Flame gas log sets. 

How should I stack my logs so that they look the best?

There are many ways to stack these logs nicely. If you would like to, visit the FC blog. From this link you will be able to see how professionals stack and arrange their log sets. Just scroll through the list until you find your matching set.

How do I light my fireplace or fire pit?

You have two options. You can simply use a match, or lighter for the more traditional approach, or you can purchase and install an automatic shutoff valve with pilot light. 

Do I need a safety shut of valve?

If you are using natural gas, then you do not need a safety shutoff valve. If you are using Propane, then you are required to install one in your fireplace.  Be sure to check with your local regulations before making the decision. 

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